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U2, 1980-10-14 Hilversum, Holland

U2 in 1980, live from Holland
Bono, vocals and guitar.
The Edge, guitars and backing vocals
Adam Clayton, bass
Larry Mullen Jr, drums and percussion

Sound Quality:


01. I Will Follow[3:57]
02. Touch [2:42]
03. An Cat Dubh [4:18]
04. Into The Heart [3:34]
05. A Day Without Me [3:07]
06. Twilight [4:22]
07. Electric Co. [4:44]
08. Stories For Boys [2:54]
09. Boy-Girl [3:18]
10. Out Of Control [5:01]
11. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock [5:02]

Total Time:

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