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Captain Beefheart, 3 boots: 1) Don's Piano Worktape; 2) July 15, 1975 Los Angeles; 3) Jan 24, 1981 Old Waldorf

  • Don's Piano Worktape (8 tracks) MP3
  • July 15, 1975 Los Angeles (16 tracks) MP3
  • Jan 24, 1981 Old Waldorf (2 shows, 17 tracks each one) MP3


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Bernie,
you got a really nice blog.Not the most of shows,I hope it`s just the beginning, but you got some really unknown shows(for me) and studio recordings.Thanks for them all.A little request:If you still got some more of Beefheart stuff,don`t hesitate! Bring them to us!
Okay,after many words:Thanks a lot!

Bernie said...

Thank you Mr. v-c,

I'll keep on posting new stuff. I still got some Beefheart gigs.

Zinc said...

Nice-- I was really wanting to hear some piano worktape examples, to try to get a sense of them-- after reading the big bio by French, that was the one piece of the puzzle that was missing. Thanks.