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Tin Machine, Shakin' All Over, Live in Osaka, 1992-01-31

FLAC Disc 1, Part 1 & 2.
FLAC Disc 2, Part 1 & 2.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot. great post.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this great post. Unfortuately the links for disc 2 (mp3 & FLC) are dead. Can you please reupload disc 2? Thanks

Bernie said...

I've just tried it with no problems.

Anonymous said...

Today it worked without problems. I've dl-ed Disc 2 right now. Maybe there was a problem at Medifire yesterday evening. Many Thanks for this great post. It seems to be not so easy to find today. Wherever I found it the DL-Links were removed or torrents dead.