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The Who, Live at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, 1973.

The Who circa 1973
Line Up:
Roger Daltrey, vocals and guitar.
Pete Townsed, vocals and guitars.
John Entwistle, bass
Keith Moon, drums

Sound Quality:

Tracks cd1
01. Introduction
02. I can't explain
03. Summertime Blues
04. My Wife
05. My Generation
06. Quadrophenia Intro
07. I am the Sea
08. The Real Me
09. The Punk and the Godfather
10. I'm One
11. 5:15
12. Sea and Sand
13. Drowned

Tracks cd2
01. Bell Boy
02. Doctor Jimmy
03. Won't get fooled again
04. Pinball Wizard
05. See me, Feel me
06. Encore / Crowd
07. Naked Eye

Total time: 01:57:08

cd1 & cd2

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